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We have over a period gained experience and expertize in Waterproofing Services, Painting Services and Pest Mangement Services. We have standard operating procedures for all our services.

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Mr. Clean Pest Management is a Govt. licensed and one of the top most pest control service organization based in Bhopa with satisfied clientele across central India. We give a safe and pest free environment by employing Integrated Pest Management approach to protect your Health & Property from all the pests. Mr.Clean Pest Solutions has the expertise and experience to bring you a safe, scientific, odorless effective as well as environment friendly pest control service that protects You, Your family & Your property. Our professionals regularly attend trainings and workshops organized by industry experts to keep themselves updated about the latest products and technologies so that we can give you the best available solution for your pest related problems.


Commonly known as white ants, termite destroy valuable property, documents, furniture & Furnished anything that contain cellulose, silently & swiftly before you even become aware of damage done, termites infest & breed underground in the soil. They crawl up through the minute cracks & crevices in the foundation and the wall of your building. Termite feeds on cellulose- based material that includes wood, books, boxes, furniture, and drywall. And termite can channels hundred feet through the soil or damage complete wooded material until severe damage is done.

We offer you the most reliable and safe termite control services. We provide both Pre and Post constructional Structures Treatment confirm as per IS 6313 (Part 2) and IS 6313 (Part 3 for Pre and Post-Constructional chemical treatment.

The Most Advanced Anti-Termite Treatments are now here:-

Traditionally the Drill - Fill - Seal is the only way to control or manage termite infestation. Through this a chemical barrier is created around periphery. The treatment has many limitations like a small gap in the barrier is enough for termite to come back. The efficacy of the chemicals deteriorate over a period and most importantly the Termite nest/ colony is still around and always looking to make an entry in your home and damage your precious property. Hence the traditional is known to fail and by the time it is noticed the major damage has already been done. We have put together a 4-Step system which does away with this risk completely.

Step-I: Drill – Fill – Seal :

Drill – Fill – Seal treatment is carried out with odour less Termiticide chemical to create a barrier along all the walls and building periphery.

Step-II: Biological Control :

To get rid of termite infestation it is necessary to eradicate the colony. Biological product with fungus is sprayed on live termites. The spores of the fungus can actually be spread from exposed termites to unexposed termites. This allows the fungus to be spread through the colony killing additional termites.


Termite baiting employs a very different approach. With baits, small amounts of material are deployed like edible "smart missiles" to knock out populations of termites foraging in and around the structure. Foraging termites consume the bait and share it with their nest-mates, resulting in a gradual decline in termite numbers. Some baits may even eradicate entire termite colonies. A comprehensive baiting program then seeks to maintain a termite-free condition on the customer's property through ongoing inspection, monitoring and re-baiting as needed.

Step-IV :

Leaving nothing to chance we employ a Termite Detection System (TDS) to inspect the site periodically based on level of infestation. This detects 99.9% precisely if there is any infestation.


Mosquitoes give an annoying sign of buzzing sounds and tight bites. Their bites effects vary from mild irritation to terrible swelling.Some shelters for the immature are even the mist mud in the plant pots.Mosquito bite is well known to everybody. Its bite causes tiny swelling and for those who are not resistant to the saliva can even generate allergic diseases, symptoms of which are blisters andasthma like conditions .Female anopheles mosquito bite is well known for the propaganda of diseases like malaria,dengue and filaria.

  • Indoor Residual Spray
  • Misting and Fogging
  • Anti-larval Spray
  • Mechanical Spray

Bed bugs are wingless insects, roughly oval shaped, 4-5mm in length, they are rust brown in colour, but change to a deeper red brown after a blood meal. Bed bugs are likely to be brought into the house on luggage, clothing, bedding and furniture. You are likely to be bitten on the arms and shoulders.

Bed bugs tend to only feed on humans at night, and seek shelter during the day. Shelter can be under mattresses, floor boards, paintings, carpets, behind skirtings, cracks and crevices in walls, in bed frames, other furniture and behind loose wall paper. Commonly used Treatment are:-

Heat + Chemical Spray + Natural Bug Powder

Heat + Herbal Spray + Natural Bug Powder


Lizards are opportunistic. Gardens, ponds and streams allow populations to prosper. Sprinkler systems will deliver enough water to keep any lizard happy and this leads to many taking up residence along outside foundation walls. Most species of lizards in North America are harmless and eat small insects. Vegetation such as shrubs and flowers are excellent nesting areas for many types. These same plants can become a target for lizards that will find them to be a great source of water during dry spells or in arid regions when water is sparse. They can carry germs that make people sick. Of greatest importance is salmonellosis. An estimated 70,000 people get salmonellosis from contact with reptiles in the United States each year. Commonly used Treatment are:-

Herbal Paste Application and Odourless Spray


After termites, wood-boring beetles are the most important wood-destroying insects in homes.Borer is also known as Furniture Beetle, Woodworm Beetle and Bora Beetle. The amount of damage that wood-boring beetles cause depends on many factors. The type of wood (hardwood or softwood), the moisture content of the wood, and the environmental conditions at the infestation site all affect the severity of beetle damage.

There are several methods and options for control of wood borers . Selecting the best option depends on a number of factors, such as the Gravity of infestation, the location of infestation, potential for reinfestation, and cost of treatment. Wood borers and Powder Post Beetles damage wood slowly so there is plenty of time to make a decision on control.

As a treatment wood preservative chemicals are required to be injected into these tiny exit holes with the help of syringe and larvae is targeted as only larvae is responsible for the damage to the wood.The wood surface is also applied with chemicals having petroleum base.


Rats and mice are among the most widespread and clever rodents who depend on man for their survival. They cause food contamination, thereby resulting in chronic diseases and epidemics. Though rat prevention measures like poison and traps are available in the market, they don’t work effectively most of the times. Rat control thus becomes a very difficult problem and requires the attention of a qualified pest control operator.

Burrow Fumigation

Chamber/Drainage Fumigation

External Baiting

Internal Trapping & Baiting


Human habitats provide an ideal environment for the cockroaches, any eatables left in kitchen with preference to starch and sugar serves as food to them. If you don’t counteract, cockroach infestation can quickly expand in just few number of days or weeks becoming hazardous to human health and hygienethey cause Dysentry, Diarrhoea, Gastroenteritis, Typhoid, Cholera, Pneumonia, Diptherial, Tuberculoss, Leprosy and Heatitis.

We offer the most advanced gel treatment for cockroaches and ants. This treatment is safe, quick, effective and stress free. You don't need to empty the cabinets and drawers and you don't even need to leave the house after the treatment. Our trained staff will apply this gel at sensitive areas such as electrical control boxes, computers, cabinet – corners and kitchen appliances. The gel has no smell.

And also we offer Sprying treatment for Cockroaches by spraying very safe insecticide to humans and pets. Spraying will be done in Kitchen Sinks, Wash areas, Wash rooms and Manholes in around the individual houses.


Based on the site conditions and requirements we can offer effective bird management programs. using traditional method or using latest techniques. Commonly used systems are:-

  • Bird Netting
  • Spikes
  • Shock Away
  • Prowling Owl
  • Sonic product can also be put to good